Introducing the Mobile 
DR from Xograph

The new standard 
in mobile X-ray

Ultra-light and effortless to move
A revolution in battery performance
More uptime than any other mobile
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Clinical Features

Designed in Sweden with the
radiographer and patient in mind

Powerful high frequency X-ray generator for super-sharp images
Storage for 
additional detectors
Advanced X-tech Cell®
battery technology
Fully collapsible
motorised column
Covers and cables
designed for easy cleaning
Status indicator light
The smallest and most
lightweight mobile available
Large touchscreen user-Interface & image display with angle adjustment
Adjustable height of drive
handle for better ergonomics
Sold exclusively in the UK and Ireland by Xograph Healthcare

Designed to be moved 
with clear lines of sight

One of the smallest & lightest
mobiles available

  • ○ Easy to manoeuvre throughout the hospital, even in small spaces
  • ○ Fully collapsible column provides a clear, unobstructed view ahead
  • ○ Enables operators to get from A to B quickly and with confidence

Wireless Canon DR detector
technology on board

27 x 35 cm

35 x 43 cm

43 x 42 cm

Canon detector system - accomplished & reliable

  • ○ Three sizes, all wireless, shareable across modalities
  • ○ Up to 60% dose reduction and no physical grid
  • ○ Instant, high quality image review

Exposure status at a glance

A visual signal for staff & patients
even in the noisiest environment

  • ○ For ward staff & carers:  when the light goes green → step away
  • ○ For patients:  when the light goes green → keep very still / hold your breath

Blue: Operational

Green: Exposure

Yellow: Exposure underway

A revolution in battery performance

Most mobiles use old lead acid batteries – The Mobile DR uses advanced  lithium X-Tech cell technology

  • ○ Just 1.5 hours of charge gives 9 hours of operation

Lead Acid batteries

multiple batteries requiring regular 
replacement, as found in most other DR mobiles
8 hours to charge
5 hours of system operation

X-Tech Cell®

advanced lithium batteries – only
found in Xograph's Mobile DR
1.5 hours to charge
9 hours of system operation

The advantages of X-Tech cell batteries

Tested and confirmed by Xograph


Hours quicker to charge


More run time


Exposures on a single charge

Super-boost: no more ‘dead' mobiles

Lead Acid batteries

multiple batteries requiring regular 
replacement, as found in most other DR mobiles
10mins of charge
= 5 mins of use

X-Tech Cell®

advanced lithium batteries – only
found in Xograph's Mobile DR
10mins of charge
= 60 mins of use
  • ○ Increases productivity of radiographers by ensuring the mobile is always available for use
  • ○ Never again worry about a ‘flat' battery
  • ○ No need for spare mobiles to ‘pick up the slack’

Create a revolution in your department

  • More hours of operation offers scope to reduce the size of your mobile fleet – without compromising productivity.
  • Fewer mobiles means lower capex and lower maintenance costs.

Lead Acid batteries

5 hours
8 hours
5 hours
8 hours
Across a 12 hour working day
8 hours of charging
5 hours of operation

X-Tech Cell® advanced new batteries

9 hours
1.5 hours
9 hours
1.5 hours
9 hours
Across a 12 hour working day
Just 1.5 hours of charging
9 hours of operation


Intelligent design – with the radiographer in mind

17” adjustable hi-res
touchscreen display

For image preview, management and all exam. control

Integrated detector
battery charger

Simultaneously charge two batteries

Easy cleaning of
covers & cables

Designed with infection control in mind

Height and
reach adjustment

To reduce back strain and stress on operators

DAP meter

Internal within the collimator - no external cables


High contrast, scatter-free imaging
without increasing patient dose

Storage for
additional detector

Slots for two Canon detectors

remote control

for exposure and LED collimator light

About Xograph

Dedicated to diagnostic medical imaging

At Xograph we’re committed to diagnostic medical imaging – this is what we’ve been doing for 50 years.

We are independent of any manufacturer – and so able to select the very best, most innovative products available.

  • ○ Surgical c-arms
  • ○ Mobile & Portable DR
  • ○ Static DR systems
  • ○ Mammography
  • ○ DR dental
  • ○ Extremity CT

Nationwide technical support.

Our customers are supported by over 40 experienced engineers and product specialists, covering all areas of the UK and Ireland.

  • ○ Our group headquarters and test facilities are in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, UK, with our Ireland office in Dublin.
  • ○ We are ISO 13485 certified, have access to N3 and are present on all major NHS supply frameworks.

The sensational new Mobile DR is supplied 
in the UK & Ireland exclusively by Xograph

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